Some Words about TAEGUTEC

TaeguTec worldwide is a leading partner for modern international tooling and solutions. Headquartered in Daegu, South Korea. TaeguTec is a part of the Iscar Metalworking Companies.
TaeguTec India was established in the year 2000, with the philosophy of being its customer's partner in cost reduction. TaeguTec manufactures comprehensive range of tooling from the new state-of-the-art factory located at Bangalore. Within a short span TaeguTec was certified as per ISO9001: 2000 thereby reiterating the commitment to quality. A well-trained and motivated team of young engineers manage each function in the factory. TaeguTec has a wide reach in the Indian market with eight branches across the country and presence of Stockist's in every major industrial town.
Service to the customer is backed by the support of a dynamic and competent team of sales and technical support engineers. Year 2012 marks the 12th year of successful operation in India. In order to sustain our efforts of being its customer's partner in cost reduction, TaeguTec brings more and more new products into the market. Each one of these products has tremendous potential to increase productivity and reduce the cost per component.

Drill Rush

  • Improves performance
  • Excellent chip evacuation
  • Chip evacuation is improved
  • Clamping mechanism with special key
  • Differently sized head diameters can be coupled
  •  TT9080: New grade with multiple layer structure

Mill Rush

  • Internal coolant supply
  • Relief for ramp-down application
  • Wiper for superb surface finish quality
  • Helical cutting edge for 90 degree cutting
  • Super high positive axial rake for low cutting force
  • Thick & unique geometry for high strength cutting

Mill Rush 2

  • Internal coolant supply
  • Helical cutting edge for 90 degree cutting
  • Wider wiper flat gives the best surface finish
  • Thick & unique geometry for high strength cutting
  • Double sided 6 Corner insert with helical geometry
  • Peripheral ground type for high precision machining


Quad Rush

  • Pocket protects unused edges from chips
  • Better surface quality and extended tool life
  • Insert indexing from both sides of the holder
  • Accurate positioning of insert when indexing
  • If edges are broken any remaining edge can be used
  • Excellent chip control and high quality surface finish

Turn Rush

  • Double sided insert
  • Hook lever clamping system
  • Unique insert and shim profile
  • Low cutting forces and an optimized chipbreaker
  • 3 dimensional geometry that is exchangeable with the ISO standard holder

Chase 2 Mold

  • Unique double-sided round inserts
  • Free cutting geometry for all materials
  • Unique insert and cutter pocket structure
  • When machining with a long overhang cutter, it is recommended that the shred type insert is used to reduce the cutting load.