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KAESER Filters

KAESER FILTER compressed air filters

Technical Specifications

Filter grade: KB, KE , KD, KA
Flow rate: 0.60 – 14.20 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Pure compressed air with lowest costs

KAESER FILTER products are key components in delivering compressed air of all purity classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 and they perform their duties with minimal pressure differential. Moreover, their service-friendly design not only ensures simple, error-free opening and closing of the filter housing, but also allows quick and clean element changes. KAESER FILTER products are available in four filter grades. Nine housing sizes provide efficient filtration for flow rates from 0.60 to 14.20 m³/min.

Compressed air filters with flange connection

Technical specifications

FB – FFG series
Flow rate:  18.5 to 330 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Perfectly matched to compressor and compressed air treatment equipment, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN's extensive range of filters ensures that all relevant compressed air quality classes are maintained reliably and efficiently over the long-term.

High pressure filters

Technical Specifications

Series: F-HP
Filter grade: FB, FC, FD, FE, FF, FFG
Flow rate: 1.8 – 36.7 m³/min
Working pressure: 45 bar

KAESER high-pressure 48/45 bar filters are available for installation at the booster outlet for special high-pressure applications, e.g. PET container production.

Activated carbon adsorber

Technical specifications

ACT series
Flow rate: 1.17 – 154.53 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar


For low maintenance high air quality, fit an ACT activated carbon adsorber to remove any remaining oil vapour after the applicable air drying and pre-filtration processes.
This ensures exceptionally high compressed air quality.

Fluid separator

Technical Specifications

Series: ZK
Flow rate: 3.0 – 21.0 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Series: FA
Flow rate: 18.5 – 88.5 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Series: FA-HP
Flow rate: 1.8- 36.7 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 45 bar


KAESER fluid separators remove large volumes of condensate, as well as larger particulate matter, from the compressed air. Thanks to their optimised spin and separator elements, they are able to achieve an exceptionally stable degree of separation of up to 99 % across their typical application range (20 - 100 % of their rated flow volume).