Instamod Air Piping

We specialize in air pipe work system for new projects, for renovation, extension or modification of existing system for industries in Textile, Electronics, Food, Automobiles and Chemicals. Our products are upgraded and improved at regular intervals to meet customers' needs to the best of our ability.
Compressed Air Modular Piping Company

Suitable working conditions and extrusion standard

  • Suitable fluid: compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other gases.
  • The maximum working pressure at -20 ℃ to 70 ℃ (-30 ℃ to 80 ℃), 13bar.
  • Vacuum: 0.13bar absolute pressure.
  • Seamless Extruded Aluminum tube (GB/T4337.1-2000).

Product Range

  • Reducing Tee
  • Quick plug Valve
  • Connector on wall
  • Aluminium end cap
  • Polymor Quick drop
  • Aluminium equal tee
  • Pipe to Pipe connector
  • Aluminium Quick drop
  • Aluminium 90° 100-200mm
  • Quick plug Valve(Female Thread)
Compressed Air Modular Piping Provider

Product Features

  • International Standard – Complying DIN standard & International color code BLUE hence you can be assured about the quality.
  • Absolutely Leak-Proof – Amazing Fusion welding jointing process ensures 100% leak-proff joints Available in various ranges of Pressures from 10 kg/cm2 to 25 kg/cm2 covering major kind of air pressure application
  • High Impact Strength – PPCH can be used in substitute of any metal pipes even under unskilled labor region,
  • Non Corrosive / Erosive –Non corrosive material & smooth inner surface
  • Energy saving – Fusion welded joints ensure 0% leakage chances & smooth inner surface reduces pressure drop, which enhances productivity of the plant & “Creates energy by saving it”
  • Extraordinary Life Expectancy – Life Expectancy upto 50 Years* with respect to its Mechanical strength & its UV resistance as well as non brittle characteristic.
  • Low Thermal Expansion – Compared to any other polymer piping system.
  • Lesser Need for clamping – Due to reduced chances of sagging in comparison to other polymer piping system. There is lesser need for clamping.
  • High Temperature Resistance – Temperature resistance from 5O C to 95 O C (Refer pipe selection chart)